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Specialty Tapioca Products

Wholesale Tapioca Products from AKFP

American Key Food Products (AKFP) is a full truckload distributor of tapioca starch and tapioca pearls (40,000 lbs/truckload) serving medium to large scale food manufacturers and resellers.

AKFP can leverage supply partners’ technologies and volume capabilities to create competitive advantages and efficiencies that meet your production needs.

With warehouses nationwide, AKFP ensures efficient packing and prompt delivery of wholesale modified tapioca starch and tapioca pearls to customers throughout North America.

Tapioca Starch : Modified Tapioca Starch Makes the Ideal Fat Replacer

Tapioca and its derivatives such as modified tapioca starch are often used as thickening, texturing and stabilizing agents. Modified tapioca starch promotes a good shelf life in dairy desserts, cream fillings and canned or frozen foods.

Tapioca Pearls available in various sizes are essential for the delicious favorite dessert pearl pudding tapioca.

Noted for good texture and moisture regulation as well as good expansion and taste regulation, tapioca starch can be used as a fat replacer as well as for many other applications in the food industry.