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King Lion Multi-Purpose Cassava Flour

Butter cake made with AKFP Multi-Purpose Cassava Flour
AKFP Multi-Purpose Cassava Flour

King Lion Multi-Purpose Cassava Flour is a bakery-quality, gluten-free flour milled in Asia through sophisticated processes. It is made from cassava, which is a naturally gluten-free root vegetable.

This versatile flour is a clean-label, grain-fee and non-GMO  baking ingredient. It is an excellent choice for producing gluten-free baked goods of exceptionally soft texture, and good crunch, and has a neutral taste profile.

King Lion Multi-Purpose Cassava Flour provides the following functional product benefits:

  • Improves texture and stability.
  • Provides good structure to gluten-free baked goods.
  • Retains moisture to preserve freshness.

A must to the baker’s gluten-free toolkit, it is easy to use in recipes in place of other gluten-free flours and starches or traditional grain-based flours, especially in baked products such as butter cakes, waffles, pancakes, and many others.

Try it to see how great gluten-free can be!

Packaging Units per Pallet
25 Kg – (55.115 lbs) 40