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Emwaxy 100

Product Overview
Emwaxy 100 is a clean-label & non-GMO cook-up waxy potato starch.

Functional Benefits
Emwaxy 100 has a neutral flavor profile with high gelatinization levels that result in excellent expansion, creaminess, smoothness, shine, and mouthfeel. Because it is a cook-up starch, it builds better viscosity and offers moisture management during baking and storage. This waxy potato starch is a low dosage, high viscosity product that can be used as a binding, thickening, and texturizing agent, creating a shiny, clear appearance.

Emwaxy 100’s multiple benefits make it ideal in applications including fruit fillings, bakery, meat, alternative meat, snacks, noodles, soups, dressings, and sauces/gravies.

Units per Pallet
25 Kg – (55.115 lbs) 40