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Potato Flakes are produced from fresh potatoes and have cold swelling properties.  Potato Flakes are suitable for products with a pulpy consistency, such as thick soups or gravies. They're also great for bakery products and mashed potatoes. Potato Flakes can also be used in snack applications, providing crispiness and expansion properties of the finished products.

Emflake 3869 is a light yellow cold swelling potato flakes made by the roller drying process, unseasoned and unsalted.

Ingredients include potatoes, emulsifier mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids based on rape seed oil, antioxidants ascorbic acid and stabilizer citric acid.

PackagingUnits per Pallet
20 Kg – (44 lbs)40


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Wholesale Potato Flakes

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Wholesale Potato Flakes