A Healthy Outlook for the Mainstream Free-From Category

ARTICLE: “A Healthy Outlook for the Mainstream Free-From Category” (excerpt from article)
By Gaynor Selby, Editor

In August, American Key Food Products (AKFP) introduced a new brand of rice flours especially designed for excellent gluten-free baking in the US market. Technical Sales Director, Carter Foss, is buoyant about the future of gluten free, bolstered by the ever increasing health conscious consumer base. In conversation with FoodIngredientsFirst he talked about whether or not the gluten free trend will slow down or is here to stay.

“We have asked a number of our customers who make gluten-free products about this and they all believe the gluten-free demand will remain strong,” says Foss. “The growth rate could slow down, though, below the growth rates experienced a few years back. However, the emergence of paleo/AIP (auto-immune protocol)-friendly/grain-free diets, together with the high concern for healthy and good-for-you food products reinforce and help keep the demand for gluten-free products at these levels. It helps too that gluten-free products are getting better without having to be priced higher.”