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Special Report: Clean Label & Non-GMO, The Clean Scene

Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery Author: Melissa Kvidahl, BNP Media Unlike many food claims, “clean label” is a somewhat cryptic term that suffers from no real regulatory definition. Indeed, each food manufacturer adheres to its own unique clean-label policy because consumers have different concerns propelling them to find what they

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Article: Clean Label Starches Get Tougher

Food Business News Author: Jeff Gelski, Sosland Publishing Bring on the heat. Employ the homogenization. New clean label starches have been shown to withstand harsher processing conditions, thus more closely resembling the functionality of modified starches. American Key Food Products, Closter, N.J., offers superior potato starch that is manufactured by

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AKFP Introduces Clean Label at IBIE

At the 2013 IBIE Expo, American Key Food Products is introducing two new cassava, or tapioca-based, gluten- free, clean label ingredients which improve the quality of a variety of baked goods… read more

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Article: The Food Safety Fight

Extra! Extra! Author: Shari Barbanel, Nutrition Industry Executive Mel Festejo, Chief Operating Officer at American Key Food Products pointed out that many companies are aligning standards adopted by the Global Food Safety Initiative, which looks at food safety throughout the supply chain.

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Special Report: Going Gluten-Free

Food Business News Author: Donna Berry, Sosland Publishing “We offer a premium cassava flour,” said Carter Foss, technical sales director, American Key Food Products, Closter, N.J. “It has a bland-to-neutral flavor profile. When used in baking, it functions similar to cake flour in that it forms a thick batter rather

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Article: Beyond Thickening and Texturizing

Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery Author: Romy Schafer, BNP Publishing Mel Festejo, Chief Operating Officer at American Key Food Products (AKFP), Closter, N.J., agrees that gluten-free products remain a top consumer demand. “The gluten-free trend has surprised most industry observers by remaining strong, showing resilient growth in a number of

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